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Unlock the power of expert content creation and marketing support with MakingRain. Elevate your online presence and drive conversions without the need to hire a full-time content producer. Let us help you by creating compelling multi-media marketing content tailored to your business needs!

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Enhance your expertise in content marketing with our monthly media packs designed to elevate your skills and knowledge. Whether as a standalone service or in conjunction with MakingRain, empower yourself with valuable insights and resources to boost your marketing efforts!


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But where do I start...

It's just not possible to know everything on day one, which is why some describe being in business as a journey.

With Purple Pirate Media, that journey just got significantly easier because with it comes knowledge and something very special: Unlimited Support and Advice, all for just £12 per month! I think you'll find you're in the right place.

Does This Sound Like You?

I know I can make this work, but I also know that there are some key areas of business development that I need help with.
The trouble is I'm time poor and as an independent business I don't have the budgets to spend loads.

I know the answer is to learn more about key areas that will create the cash but it feels like a vicious circle. I know what I need to generate more business but I don't have the money to spend! 

  • I want to learn brilliant online marketing. 
  • I want great content to populate my marketing.
  • ​I want to build and use online sales funnels​.
  • ​ I want unlimited advice & support without breaking the bank. 

Our Flagship


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Meet The Original Purple Pirate


Chris has one clear and simple mission. To create great content that can be used to guide you on the road to exceptional and sustainable results. To guide you to mastery of your business, creating exceptional and sustainable results.

Chris says the world of business, the world in general needs more Purple Pirates, who think differently and create. The only thing that stops most people is their self imposed 'glass ceilings.'

Over the years Chris has personally helped hundreds of small businesses get to where they wanted to be. Following his unique 7Cs and Mastery Frameworks, will guide you in the creation of the business of your dreams.

These Playbooks and Frameworks are delivered through PurplePirate.Media (e-books, audio and video) and build into a comprehensive library of resources to create your business development mastery. .

Get To Know Our Community of Purple Pirates

We think differently, standing out from the crowd

Unlock unlimited support and advice, tailored to your needs. Take your success to new heights with the Rainmakers Club.

Gain specialist knowledge and guidance in online marketing, sales, and content, learn how to create high-converting funnels and compelling content for your business.

Our membership levels are designed to meet your specific needs and start from just £12.00 per month.

Join our community and let us be your trusted guide on your journey to exceptional & sustainable results. Let us guide you to the success you desire. Take the first step towards your goals and check out our membership levels here...

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When you order your signed copy of the 7C's of Why, part of our Ultimate Success Framework, you also gain 30 Days of Elite Rainmakers Club membership including full access to the Rainmakers Hub platform. 

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What you get with this exclusive bundle...

When you subscribe to my Business Success Hacks, you also gain a FREE, bonus bundle that is worth more than £150! No strings, no catches, it's totally free...

Success comes from A heartfelt desire

"You must have a definite purpose, a cause at the centre of your being. To not have this is to accept average as a destiny."

Chris Batten - Rainmakers Club Founder

For the first few years of my business career, I didn't fully appreciate the many elements that must be present for us to experience true success.

Not everyone has the tenacity, resilience and drive to turn their desire into consistent action and, in turn, the realisation of the dream.  The good news is we can learn.

Common in all successful people is a deep-seated desire & belief, these are a 'Must' if you are to achieve success. If you look at the most successful people, this desire is clear to see and is often based on a need to help others; Our only purpose in business is to Create something that will help our target market, and our role is to Serve them.

The big question has to be who are you here to serve and how are you doing that? How are you making sure it is all about their needs and wants and not just your own?

Three great reasons to connect with us...

  • ​One: You'll be with likeminded people on a similar path... 
  • TwoWe We are always here for you, always candid...
  • ThreeWe all share the same goal - Success...

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Become a Full member and take advantage of all the content courses and unlimited support, advice and mentoring for one simple and very affordable membership subscription..

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Listen to what Our Members say about us...

I only have one objective to help as many businesses find success as humanly possible, and enjoy the process...

There is no other way of describing what we do; it is core to our vision and purpose, simply put we change lives...

Below, you'll find examples of how The Rainmakers Club has helped some of our members. Their hard work and tenacity and our support are a winning combination...

I am proud to play my part in their success and celebrate each one. We treat each business as if it were our own... But make no mistake their success is just that, theirs and they earn it...

1547565239332 jpeg

Danielle Durkan -  Macánta Interiors

Working with Chris has been amazing, the first thing I thought after joining rainmakers was where would I be if I had done this years ago. Working with Chris helps me see things in a different way and helps me realise that the things I have be putting off for years can be done by breaking them up into manageable chunks and that there are ways around most challenges.His honesty is refreshing and motivating. He has a genuinely nice approach and is very generous with his time. Chris has made me hopeful for the future of my business.I would highly recommend working with Chris and joining rainmakers.

1517014919833 jpeg

Nik Aspden - Altitude Select

However good you think support from the right people can be in business you will still be amazed at what Chris has to offer. Chris understands so many business models and exactly how to start, run and market your business including increasing profitability and life values of customers or clients. He can take any business to the next level and working closely with Chris we have seen him take companies above and beyond the owners expectations. He has worked with us for some time and we have experienced growth and direction changes that we never could have envisaged.
A true, honest and sincere expert in the business world.

The content hub

Get your free Rainmakers content from Chris right here... 

Discover some of the top elements that Chris talks about in his Ultimate Success Framework, the lessons he has learnt along the way underpinned by some of the worlds greatest business experts...

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