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Can YOU Invent The Future?

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Can YOU invent your future

The saying goes, if you want to predict the future you better invent it...

We have all heard the saying that if you want to predict the future, you better invent it. I have used this on more than one occasion myself. We can trace this back to Alan Kay, Peter Drucker and Dennis Gabor, who all used versions in their various communications.

It sends a significant and positive message to those who want to hear it. Inventing your future does not just come from your creativity but also from the prevailing direction of your innermost thoughts. You will become what you think about the most, provided you can manage the naysayer in your head!

What we think about most influences the outcomes we experience. There is, of course, more to it than that too. Thoughts are one thing, but you also have to consider your actions. Before you can invent or reinvent your future, you need to understand the power your subconscious mindhas over the actions you take day-to-day. How you think and feel significantly influences the decisions you make and the actions and reactions of those around you.

Predicting what the future holds is one thing; inventing the future is something else again. The invention of futures is the reason behind the Rainmakers Club’s existence. Before you can invent your future, you must identify the trends in your market. Trends that are already out there and could or should have some influence on your plans and actions for the time being. Having a good idea of their longevity and impact on your business and life is worth your time and consideration. It isn't easy to navigate in the shallows if you don’t know where the rocks are!

While most agree this is sound counsel, there is an inherent danger that comes from within, and that is by taking account of trends, we can easily be pulled into following the herd, which is not what you should be doing. As Seth Godin tells us, you must be the Purple Cow in a field full of black and white Cows. I go beyond that and want you to be more Pirate, too; we should all be Purple Pirates; they can make their future vision a reality.

You should be looking to make a difference, change things, and be part of the process of change and evolution, not as a bystander but as a driving force behind the changes needed today. For that to happen, you need a cause, and you also need to understand that we are all here to serve people in some way, so you need to have a clear picture of whom you are serving and why.

I believe that success, while made up of many elements, has at its core three must-have ingredients. So important are these that they can be found in every aspect of my business offering to others. They are the DNA of any worthwhile Purple Pirate.

The three I talk of are a deep-seated purpose, one you are obsessive about (your cause): the self-belief that you can do it in some way, somehow and the desire to learn. Without these and the emotional intelligence to manage the right balance, you will find it difficult to positively influence what the future holds.

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