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My Question: Are You Doing Enough Of The Right Stuff?

Monday, May 15, 2023

My question: Are you doing enough of the right stuff?

I am lucky to connect with great people through the Rainmakers Club and MakingRain.Net. One of the observations I often make is that we live in a society where instant gratification is something we have become used to and therefore expect.

When in business, the reality is a little different, and when it comes to marketing in particular, there is no such thing as an overnight success. Every overnight success I have ever met had the same habits in common; they all kept turning up to do the repetitive work that created success.

It is often the case that success results from the accumulative effect of actions taken regularly. This effect can be seen in many areas of business development. In my view, it is so vital in business that it forms a large part of our Seven C’s and Ultimate Success Frameworks that sit at the centre of our development programs for our members and customers.

Pivotal activities, for example, broadcasting our core messages and marketing content, fit into tasks requiring high frequency. The issue is that so many people in Business, particularly in the early stages, will often give up too soon because they don’t see the results they expect soon enough.

The message is that you need to do more and do it for longer to get the desired results. When we start these activities, it is too easy to give up due to a lack of traction. The paradox is that we need to do more and for longer; in return, we will create the results we are looking for.

What could you do more of, and what barriers and challenges prevent you from doing those things? Let’s start a conversation and Learn, Share & Develop; it's the Rainmakers’ way…

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