create success by thinking differently...

 "Building Tomorrows Business Superheroes"

We are Purple Pirates. Making Rain for our businesses, while ensuring we are more Purple Pirate than Corporate Blue. What does that mean? As Seth Godin will tell you; in a field full of black and white cows, you want to be the Purple one that stands out and grabs attention.

Being more Pirate (referring to the work of Sam Conniff Allende) is also a big part of the mix. We are not talking about walking the plank! We are talking about changing conventions and working at the cutting edge of change. We want you to be a Rainmaking Purple Pirate. 

We are a community of like-minded business people who share common aims, to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. to serve and to create exceptional and sustainable results and to build businesses that operate like well-oiled machines capable of working for us and the community, rather than having to work for the business all the time.

We do this using our shared knowledge and experience and the experience of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners of recent times. Underpinned with the knowledge and experience of the entire community as we work to the Rainmakers Club Trilogy of LEARN, SHARE, DEVELOP.

We are different because the world needs us to be...

Don't Listen To Naysayers - This Is Not Too Good To Be True, One Day All Business Support Will work This way!

Some people will always do their utmost to rain on your parade. They do it  because they don't have one of their own. 
Our critics have nothing to say that will ever impact the value we produce for all our members.

With the Rainmakers Club, you will never have to break the bank to get the expert support and advice we all need from time to time. We are deliberately low-cost with no limits on use. This is not a gimmick; this is a (R)Evolution!

Us V's The Rest 

What We Do...

No Smoke, mirrors, tricks, tie-ins, and no need to break the bank or sell the family silver. We are helping to build tomorrow's business superhero through our unique series of development programs we call 'The Ultimate Success Framework.'

What we do...

  • Unlimited Support & Advice
  • ​No lock-ins
  • Open Access Courses
  • Free Mastermind Groups
  • ​Free Rainmaker Event Access
  • Private & Open Groups 
  • ​Run Your Own Events
  • ​Access To Experts
  • ​Mentoring
  • ​Coaching
  • ​One-to-One Support
  • ​Partner Member Program
  • ​Allow Partner Members to Run Courses
  • ​Director Development Program
  • ​Member Loyalty Program 
  • ​Specialise in Value Ladders & Funnels

What We Don't Do...

Business Support & Advice should be readily available to all who are serious about personal and business development. That is why we don't put barriers in the way of your development. Unlimited Support & Advice is our baseline standard.

What we don't do...

  • Restricted Support & Advice
  • ​Apply Hidden Costs
  • ​Fixed Term Deals
  • ​Additional Purchases Needed
  • ​Charge Based On Time 
  • ​Restrict Membership 
  • ​Charge For Standard Events
  • ​Restrict Other Advisers From Joining
  • ​Apply Geographic boundaries 
  • ​Put revenue above service

We Are fighting Against High cost, misleading & time restricted Support & advice...

At The Rainmakers Club™ Our fight encompasses two specific causes and one unified outcome. We are the vanguard, creating a new standard of support and advice for the underserved and often under funded start-up, micro and small business community.

We fight our war against high cost, time restricted support models, including get rich quick and hidden cost models that in reality work against your success not for it.

We fight our war against the unscrupulous few who weight the advice they sell based on the income it produces over its suitability for the customer.

We fight our war against those who cause us to burn our money  on solutions before our business is ready to take advantage of the benefits. 

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Fighting For Your Success 

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To good to be true! Don't listen to naysayers...

It is a sad fact that the morally corrupt or ignorant spoil the opportunity for so many by their actions.

Our model is only the beginning and one day all business support and advice will work this way. We just have to make it happen. Our critics have nothing to say that will ever impact on the value we produce for all our community members. 

With the Rainmakers Club you will never have to break the bank to get the expert support and advice we all need from time to time, our membership fee is deliberately low cost with no limitations, this is not a gimmick, it is a reflection of the true cost of quality support and advice.

It is a model that has been tried and tested for the last few years, before we launched the service you can now become a member of. 

Join our community and you will realise that you are not alone and within our tribe you will find all the support and help you need to grow your business into the one you have been dreaming of. 


Advising Small Businesses Since


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Av Client Revenue Increase 

£259. 87

Av Member Annual Spend For Support 

Our Manifesto

What We Stand For...

Our manifesto is a reflection of my core values and the deep seated principles I operate to, I call it working CLEAN which stands for:

Create - Our activities are always focused on the creation of opportunities to grow and create exceptional and sustainable results for our community. To help them achieve the business of their dreams. To create businesses that are capable of working for them, rather than they working for the business...

Listen - being aware and reacting to what is coming down the tracks at us is essential for sustainable success, to achieve this we constantly listen to the market and the needs of the businesses in our tribe...

Educate - Peeling the layers from this business reveals a deep-seated commitment to education. Giving our members alternate views, strategies and knowledge based on our core trilogy of Learn - Share - Develop...

Attract - The more attractive your business is to your target market the more you gain results you seek. We focus on the development of truly attractive businesses. We do this using our knowledge and experience and the collective experience of our community... 

Nurture - Our business is all about your business and your needs. We nurture our members by constant focus on learning new ideas and innovations, to help achieve our collective aims.

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Our Tribe, we Are...

Start-Ups, Micro, & Small Businesses, Business Owners, Directors & Managers, we are the future...

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"We all share big dreams, a passion for business and a desire to keep on learning, we are the next generation of superstars..."

We are...
Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies, Specialists, Entrepreneurs & 
Enterprising People...

We are...
Serious about business and personal development, we aim to create exceptional and sustainable results, we want to build businesses that work for us rather than us working for the business all of the time. We want to change the world, our world!

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does this sound like you?

"I want to know more, I wANT more help, more advice, alternate views, but who should I trust, and where can I go to get this support when I need it most ?"

  • ​I need to know more about the areas of business that are not my specialisation...
  • ​I need reliable outside help that will be there when I need it most, filled with the desire to help me... 
  • ​I need to get this advice and support without breaking the bank...

"I am describing my early years in business. My problem was that no suitable solution ticked all these boxes and more. So I did what any entrepreneur would do; I invented a solution that would fit perfectly. It didn't happen overnight, I served a twenty year apprenticeship first in the front line, so you don't have to! Use the link below and we can have a chat about how we can help you..." 

Chris Batten -Founder & CEO

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Download our free, full function mobile app for Android and iPhone today and gain instant access to our growing community. 

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Three Great reasons to join us...

Give me a few moments of your time and watch this video, I promise you won't be sorry!

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