The final part of our trilogy is development. This area of the business is predominantly focused on your personal development. In this area you will find access to the platform-based part of our Mastermind Groups, which we have also covered in the Share section. We also deal with three other important subjects for personal and team development these are:






Team Development


Mastermind Groups


Mindset - We believe that your mental attitude, your mindset, your levels of emotional intelligence are at the very centre of the success you seek. It is for that reason that mindset has such a high-profile role in our support and advisory services to our members. Success is never achieved alone and through your Rainmakers Membership we can make the difference. Through our own content and with the support of our specialist Partner Members, we can help with mindset and the development of emotional intelligence. We do this so that you can be the very best version of you. The very best business leader for you, for your business and for your team.


Leadership – As you develop your business ideas, as you scale up your operation, as you build the team around you, leadership and the skills required to be effective will become increasingly important to you. Your Rainmakers Membership includes all the assistance you could possibly desire to help you become the best leader for your business you can be. We look at a wide range of much have skills required for the business leader of today, subjects include:


Presenting Skills

Management skills

Communication Skills

Planning Skills

Strategic Thinking


Team Development - As you build your business it becomes increasingly important that you surround yourself with the right people. This can be pone of the biggest challenges you face in the development of your business. There is no doubt there is a technique to gaining the very best team. Near the top of the list is the creation of a truly attractive business. Of course, this is the main purpose of the Rainmakers Club, to help you create and grow a truly attractive business. Understanding how to attract, retain, train and develop your team is therefore at the centre of the journey to success. A journey and development that we are will placed to assist you with as a Rainmakers Club member.


Mastermind Groups – We have already mentioned these in the events section, but our mastermind groups are so much more than events. We have created on the Rainmakers Hub, for our Elite and Inner Circle members a forum, a safe and secure space to have open discussions and share materials to really take advantage of the cumulative business knowledge the individual groups possess.


These groups are invitation only and we keep the groups deliberately small to ensure that each individual gets the very best from the groups they join, helping them and helping others to create exceptional and sustainable results for their business. Mastermind Groups are per to peer where innovative and creative thinking, and problem solving, looking at a range of possibilities are the cornerstone of the groups. Without doubt designed for those who are serious about their business and business development.