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What Rainmkers Club Members Are Saying About

“Being Part Of The rainmakers club”

“Working with Chris has been amazing, the first thing I thought after joining Rainmakers Club was where would I have been if I had done this years ago. Working with Chris makes me see things differently.”

– Danielle Durkan

“However good you think support from the right people can be, you will still be amazed at what Chris has to offer. I have seen Chris take businesses well beyond the expectations of their owners repeatedly.”

– Nik Aspden

“When I joined the Rainmakers Club I can honestly say for me it was a game-changer. The support and advice has guided me through. I truly believe my growth is because of the  Rainmakers Club.”

– Sharon Wray

“It was only when I met Chris and the Rainmakers Club that things really startedd to make sense, the trilogy of Learn, Share, Develop, fitted me like my favourite golf glove. I would urge you to join.”

– Steve Whiteside

“As soon as I joined and read the the book by Chris, I knew this was something special. It has been an inspiration and the guidance has motivated the creation. of something of worth. It is incredible value.”

– John Stanton

“This is simply a must-have serivce and community. Membership includes pretty much ev erything you need to give you the knowledge and support you need to make your business a success.”

– Liz Smith

What you gain with inner circle membership...

Our Inner Circle Membership will Accelerate Your Growth.  In todays business world, things change at pace and keeping up with trends, new techniques and technologies will create new opportunities to compete effectively. Inner Circle Membership will help you to create and maintain an advantage, by thinking differently, rather than just following everyone else and making the same mistakes: 

  • ​You will gain unlimited support and advice relating to your business and personal development! 
  • ​You'll will be able to deep-dive our Flagship Frameworks with your personal Mentor.  These frameworks are proven to work and sit at the centre of everything we do. Making them your own, and using us as your guide will create for you and your business a significant advantage.
  • ​Our Inner Circle Members gain the very best mentoring and support. Punctuated with regular Mastermind Groups. Accountability Meetings, and other events, designed to inspire creative thinking, new ideas and alternate views, helping you with your decision making. 
  • ​Learn all about the practical side of Funnels from design to building, and in particular the art of creating the right content with your personal hands on mentor.

The Inner Circle Membership Level is designed for those that truly want more from their business  and understand that learning, refining and applying their existing and new knowledge is the key to success, using Desire, Focus, Action, Consistency and Belief as their tools! 

Inner Circle members gain unrivalled levels of support and advice, which are head and shoulders above the standard without breaking the bank, without putting financial pressure on the start-up, micro and small business. If you listen to our members you'll soon see we have achieved all that and more.

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A Message From Chris Batten, Our Founder...

"I believe our standard Inner Circle Membership represents significant value, and so this special offer makes it even more attractive and valuable for those who really want to Accelerate their development. I truly feel this is the perfect tool, as do many of our existing members.

I've made it my mission to push the boundaries and help as many people in business as possible. This offer is going to help facilitate just that. I really do hope you join and I'm looking forward to talking with you soon.."

You're Getting Four Special Bonuses
(Valued At £4,835)...



60 days free Trial Of inner circle membership

When you sign up for this special Offer you will immediately gain 60 Days of Inner Circle Membership totally Free. After the sixty days you will be paying our special discounted rate for your membership, thats just £84 per month, instead of the listed price of £120.

But that was not enough of a bonus for us and so as soon as you pay your first £84 we will lock-in your Inner Circle status at this price for as long as you remain a member!

This means that for the first 60 days you can take advantage of membership totally FREE. This we believe will give you all the time you need to understand the significant value and quality support and advice you'll be getting, including: 

  • Unlimited Support & Advice
  • Personal Mentoring  
  • Access to our unique Accelerate Program


30% inner circle Member Discount

Now this is where it starts to get really interesting. We are going to give you a full 30% Discount For Life! That's all the Inner Circle Benefits at a 30% discount for as long as you remain a member! 

This will open the door to personal mentoring and tuition on every aspect of business and personal development including our Flagship Accelerate Program. This program will help you to develop a business that can truly work for you, rather than you working for your business all of the time! 

"The I am a few months into the Accelerate Program and I am already seeing the difference it makes! Well done the Rainmakers Club. My business is really taking off..!" Emma Williams.

  • 30% Discount On All Payments, For Life 
  • No Tricks:
  • No Small Print


24 months Library Builder Subscription

To compliment the Inner Circle Membership Bonus, I am also giving away a staggering 24 months access to the Rainmakers Club Library Builder, read on to find out more...

This Inner Circle Members only bolt on, is bing added to your account at no extra cost for at least the next two years!

You will gain full access to the Library Builder Subscription for an entire two year period (minimum) fir as long as you maintain your membership, twenty-four months from your start date. Each month you'll receive a new episode deep diving one of our core subjects relating to your business development. 

These will be dispatched to you by email and will be a combination of audio, video, or PDF files, they will also be available to you in your members area. 

"Once I started to receive these files, I immediately saw the value. They build month by month into a reusable resource and reminder..." Angela Dale

  • Keep up to date - with the latest thinking and techniques.
  • Build your knowledge -  learn new subjects and update existing knowledge.
  • Increase opportunities - by considering alternate strategies and tactics for your business.


a signed copy of the 7c's of why book

To finish off this amazing offer I am going to send you a signed copy of The Seven C's Of Why book.

This book is based around the Rainmakers Club flagship business development framework.   You'll find this book easy to read and follow and becuase of the rest of this offer the book also comes with full support and additional complimentary mentoring on all of the subjects covered, so you can deep-dive those subjects that mean the most to you.

"This book is brilliant, it's easy to read and following the tips and hints has already started to make a difference to my business..." Mark Edwards

  • Success Framework: Once you start reading and following the advice contained in this book you can make this successful framework your own
  • Build your knowledge: As your progress through the book you will learn new ideas and be reminded of techniques often forgotten.
  • Increase revenue: Many of our readers have reported back to us that the content has started to increase their revenue.

Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

This offer, no scrub that, this business (The Rainmakers Club) is not about the money, it is about making a difference. 

I want to prove that statement and so if you follow the program with me and after 30 days from your first payment, you feel you have gained no value I will give you your money back, no question. its not about money its all about value.

Here's Just Some Of What Your Going To Get...

this is what you'll find within this amazing offer:

  • ​You'll get access to all our communities.
  • ​You'll get access to all our Mastermind meetings.
  • ​You'll get access to our Business Development Surgery
  • ​You'll get a signed copy of The Seven C's Of Why Book and personal mentoring and accountability meetings.
  • ​Personal coaching on our core Frameworks.
  • ​Personal Mentoring & Accountability Meetings.
  • You'll get unlimited support and advice...
  • ​You'll get 24 months access to our Library Builder

Here's A Recap Of EVERYTHING You're Getting Today:

  • Free Bonus #1: "Inner Circle Membership Bonus" – Your First 60 Days FREE - Your access to personal support, Mastermind, Funnel and Content frameworks and more. (Value £240)​
  • FREE BONUS #2: “30% Off Inner Circle Membership” – You'll gain this incredible 30% discount for as long as you remain an Inner Circle Member, based on average retention this is worth. (Value £2,160)​
  • ​FREE BONUS #3: “24 Months Inner Circle Library Builder Access” – We will send you a monthly access to the latest new multi-media e-book and audio file to turbo-charge your development. (Value £2,400)​
  • FREE BONUS #4: “The Seven C's Of Why” – We will send you a personally signed copy of the book supporting our flagship framework.      ​(Value £30) 

Value: £4,835.00

Today's Price: £84

per month after your first 60 days FREE Trail

About chris batten

Chris started the Rainmakers Club when he returned to the UK after his time helping businesses all over the world to to increase their sales via content and digital marketing.

In his own words he will tell you: "I got back to the UK and wrote my first book on business, I wanted to share what I had learnt through experience but not just mine, the experience of others too..."

Chris goes on to say: "I soon found,  unsurprisingly, that writing was not enough I needed to find a better way. The more I researched the more I knew the world needed to change. So I decided to change it!" The change Chris was referring to was the world of support and advice for the small business. That is his mission.

Chris continues to write but also to build his movement. In his spare time he is an active Helmsman and Trustee for his local independent Lifeboat.

Yes, This Page Was Built Using the Rainmakers Club models. We practice what we teach, we are Purple Pirates and Navigate the 7C's and you can too. - Part of Rainmakers Club Limited ©2024​.