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"United by the desire to succeed by thinking differently." 

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Per Month (3 month minimum term (£35.94)

“The value I am getting from my membership is exactly what Chris told me it would be, in fact his estimate that I would get ten-times the value compared to the membership cost is probably underestimated! 

– Danielle Durkan

"I want to make you an offer that is a little insane! It's just how we roll..."

Purple Pirates 7.5 Core Principles

  • ​Principle 1.0: We are not part of the Herd. We walk our own path to create something Exceptional. To do this we need to think differently. Thinking differently changes the world. 
  • ​Principle 2.0: Learning is a constant in our businesses, we actively seek to learn and make the lessons our own. We all make mistakes and then learn from them but it's smarter to learn from the mistakes of others. 
  • ​Principle 3.0: We believe in the two fundamental reasons for business, to Create and to Serve. Exceptional business comes from being creative in all areas and then serving your market.
  • ​Principle 4.0: We make a difference through our innovation and invention. We change the world around us, for the better. To do this we operate ahead of the curve everyone else will follow on behind.
  • ​Principle 5.0: We believe value is more important than price, we always give more value than expected. The more value you give to your customer the less of an issue price will be.
  • ​Principle 6.0: Our differential is our oxygen and so we always learn from the past, live in the day, with an eye on the future.
  • ​Principle 7.0: The future is shaped from the present and we will not refrain from pushing the envelope for a better tomorrow. In this way we will lead our markets rather than follow on behind.
  • ​Principle 7.5: We embrace the development of emotional intelligence so that we can better communicate with the world.

Join Our Purple Pirates Community

Like most things in life you will get back based on what you put in, the more you engage the greater the value you'll experience:

  • ​When you join the community you are opening up the opportunity to learn from others in this way you can learn to avoid the mistakes they have made. We understand, because we have walked the path you are on! 
  • ​You can get a better fell for the value of joining this community by listening - Our members Like Danielle will tell you of the significant value they get with each interaction with us!
  • ​If you ask Tracey, she will tell you since she joined, she has reignited her desire and is on fire... a fire we will do all we can to maintain as we watch yet another Rainmakers Purple Pirate experience that 'aha' moment!

When I started the Rainmakers Club I only had one desire and that was to share everything I had learned on both sides of the Atlantic with as many business people as possible so that they too could benefit.

I realised someone doing that for me was what had been missing during my rise. I am convinced I could have achieved more, sooner if someone before me had created the Rainmakers Club, but they didn't and so I did. 

We are breaking new ground with our service, our model and most importantly the amazing value we can create without you having to break the bank.

That is a theme we stay true to, even for those who hire us to do the work for them. For us the value we create for our Purple Pirates is all that matters! 

A Message From Chris Batten, Our Founder...

Purple Pirates is the name we use to identify our community, our tribe, our followers. They share the same core principles and desire. They are walking the same path, a path I have also walked. Many Purple Pirates join us in the Rainmakers Club to learn, share, develop and fast-track their growth...

What Rainmkers Club Members Are Saying About

“Being Part Of The Purple Pirate Community”

“Working with Chris has been amazing, the first thing I thought after joining Rainmakers Club was where would I have been if I had done this years ago. Working with Chris makes me see things differently.”

– Danielle Durkan

“However good you think support from the right people can be, you will still be amazed at what Chris has to offer. I have seen Chris take businesses well beyond the expectations of their owners repeatedly.”

– Nik Aspden

“When I joined the Rainmakers Club I can honestly say for me it was a game-changer. The support and advice has guided me through. I truly believe my growth is because of the  Rainmakers Club.”

– Sharon Wray

“It was only when I met Chris and the Rainmakers Club that things really startedd to make sense, the trilogy of Learn, Share, Develop, fitted me like my favourite golf glove. I would urge you to join.”

– Steve Whiteside

“As soon as I joined and read the the book by Chris, I knew this was something special. It has been an inspiration and the guidance has motivated the creation. of something of worth. It is incredible value.”

– John Stanton

“This is simply a must-have serivce and community. Membership includes pretty much ev erything you need to give you the knowledge and support you need to make your business a success.”

– Liz Smith

You're Getting THREE Special Bonuses (Valued At £846.98)...



A signed Copy of my latest book

When you sign up to Purple Pirates Community Membership, we will give you A signed by the author copy of the book that is based on our flagship business development program.

This book looks at the business development framework used by Chris with his own businesses and also those businesses that he has consulted with over the years.  A framework that has been proven to be effective time and again.

The book is designed to be used it should marked up and includes space to make notes, following the simple guidance contained within the pages will get you thinking in the right way about the right things. 

"I knew as soon as I picked this book up that is was something special. It serves as an inspiration and will guide and motivate you..." John Stanton.

  • Easy to read: Written by a business owner for business owners.
  • Exercises: Each section includes exercises to enhance the learning experience.
  • Support: As you read the book you are invited to share your thoughts and gain the authors support.


90 days free elite membership

The Rainmakers Club and what we do for the business community is so important that we have decided to give you the best possible opportunity to experience the true benefits.

So with that in mind we are offering you 90 days of ELite membership when you sign up to this offer.

After 90 days you will have the opportunity to continue your Elite Membership journey, or simply revert back to this level of membership. The key is it is your choice.

Many who have accepted this enhanced level have learnt enough about Funnels and their mastery to completely justify their on-going membership at any level. Try it and find out for yourself...

"The moment I understood Funnels the Rainmakers Way, everything changed for me. Once I understood I also upgraded to supercharge my efforts..." Barry Francis.

  • One-to-one coaching: to reaslly deep-dive the subject.
  • Featured content writing: learn the art of copy that works.
  • Assistance with design: Learn the frameworks that get results.


6 months 1-2-1 Funnel Tuition

To compliment the Elite Membership Bonus, I am also giving away 6 months 1-2-1 Funnel and story creation tuition. This is not just any tuition, read on to find out more...

You will gain my personal support in the creation and building of your sales funnels including the content.

This six month window is enough time to create multiple working funnels and start creating revenue from them. This includes total support.

You'll also gain access to our exclusive Funnel Mastermind Group during the offer this will certainly enhance your knowledge and opportunities to learn from others.

"Once I started to learn the Rainmakers way, my funnels started to bear fruit, it worked for me, it will work for you..." Angela Dale

  • Create new leads: Once you have mastered funnels, the benefits will be immediate.
  • Build your lists: As your list builds so do your sales.
  • Increase revenue: Change the outcome of your business forever.

Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

This offer, no scrub that, this business (The Rainmakers Club) is not about the money, it is about making a difference. 

I want to prove that statement and so if you follow the program with me and after 30 days you feel you have gained no value I will give you your money back, no question. its not about money its all about value.

Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas sit aspernatur aut odit aut fugit, sed quia consequuntur magni dolores eos qui ratione voluptatem sequi nesciunt.

Here's Just Some Of What Your Going To Get...

this is what you'll find within this amazing offer:

  • ​You'll get access to the community.
  • ​You'll get access to all our Networking meetings.
  • ​You'll get access to our Business Development Surgery
  • ​You'll get a signed copy of The Seven C's Of Why Book.
  • ​You'll get personal coaching on Funnel creation.
  • ​You'll get personal coaching on content creation.
  • ​You'll get unlimited support and advice...

Here's A Recap Of EVERYTHING You're Getting Today:

  • “Purple Pirate” – Your Community Membership with access to all Networking Events  (Value £155)​
  • FREE BONUS #1: “The Seven C's Book” – We will send you your personally signed copy (Value £25.00)​
  • ​FREE BONUS #2: “90 Days Elite membership” – Access all areas including unlimited support and advice (Value £180)​
  • FREE BONUS #3: “6 Months 1-2-1 Funnel Mastery Tuition” – You will have weekly live sessions to teach you funnel mastery, in six months this could change your world      ​(Value £720) 

Value: £1,080.00

Today's Price: £11.98

About chris batten

Chris started the Rainmakers Club when he returned to the UK after his time helping businesses all over the world to to increase their sales via content and digital marketing.

In his own words he will tell you: "I got back to the UK and wrote my first book on business, I wanted to share what I had learnt through experience but not just mine, the experience of others too..."

Chris goes on to say: "I soon found,  unsurprisingly, that writing was not enough I needed to find a better way. The more I researched the more I knew the world needed to change. So I decided to change it!" The change Chris was referring to was the world of support and advice for the small business. That is his mission.

Chris continues to write but also to build his movement. In his spare time he is an active Helmsman and Trustee for his local independent Lifeboat.

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