Our Story

A message from our founder

In the very beginning of my baptism of fire into the world of business I was left wanting more of everything. More lessons to learn, more information to work with. More skills to improve performance, more advice and alternate views to help with decision making. More sales, better marketing, robust plans and the list went on. I have since learnt that these needs are replicated time and again throughout the market of the start-up, micro and small business. 

So, my mission is now very simple, to change the way business support and advice is dleiverd to the underserved start-up micro and small business community. We are here to help and support as many entrepreneurs and enterprising business people as possible, on both sides of the Atlanic. Join is and discover value and support. Above all become the best version of you possible, creating exceptional and sustainable results. 


The success I was to later experience was well earned. It was earned in time, emotiona energyl and financial cost. That success came from a plethora of mistakes made and lessons learnt. All through the early years my closest mentors all sang the same song. They all said “learn the lessons from the mistakes and experience of others, while still being true to you and your own innovations and creativity.” 


This turned out to be great advice, but advice that was difficult to follow. That was because there was nothing out there that I could use to facilitiate this, wihtout being bombarded with the whitenoise of sales pitches and armchair advice from peopel who had never actually succeeded in the subjects they were advising on! With this lack of cohesive or affordable advice, I was left to fend for myslef at considerable risk and cost. My aim is to make sure that never has to happen to you ad your business.

The Backstory

Despite the challenges over the first years of my life in business I was able to create a business that attracted the attention of a suitable competitor and I sold my business. I shared the proceeds with my team and continued on my way, eventually becming the CEO of an international business with over 400 people working for that business. It was during this period of corporate success that I first had the idea for what is today the Rainmakers Club and its central platform the RainmakersHub


It Started With A Rant

During my time as a CEO I was living and operating on both sides of the Atlantic while in Pittsburgh I was approached by a lawyer freind of mine who asked if I could offer some assitacne to one of his clients. They were struggling to launch a new product. I readily agreed to do some pro-bono work and immidiately fell back in love with the start-up and micro business sector. 


I began to feel the excitement that I used to feel when I first started. I also started to feel the frustrations of others who were, all these years later, still experiencing the frustrations of a lack of true cohesive support that was not breaking the bank, and deleviered by those who truly knew. 


So began my rant about the lack of cost effective and wide-ranging support. I even wrote a book about it and made it part of a presentation I was delevering to the business community. It was at one of these evetns that some bright spark complemented me on the content but announced to the entire room;


"It's great that you highlight this for us and I agree with you, but when are you going to stop ranting and do something about it?"


That was the kick in the backside that I needed and I set about designing the solution. A solution that I believe will be a gamechanged for many individuals whi are truly serious about business and their personal development. One day all business advice and support providers wil work this way! 


I am convinced that if there had been a Rainmakers Club back in the day my success would have come sooner and possibly been even greater. This would have been achieved through the trilogy that lies at the core of everything we do; Learn, Share and Develop.


There is no doubt in my mind that this simple process of combining learning with the sharing of your experience with others will and does result in the ultimate development of not just you but your business and those around you too. 


I am sure you have been, and in some cases are, on a similar journey or have experienced the same as I did in my early years in business. Today you are reading this because you share some very important objedctives with our growing membership. Because you want to create a truly attractive business, because you want to share your expertise and still continue your own learning. Learning after all is a lifetime activity and very much the key to the door of success or continued success.


My hope is that once you have taken a look around you will either join us or maybe reach out and chat with us about hwo we can help you to gain the best from your business. 


Mission &  Values Alignment


Our brand and reputation is everything to us and therefore the quality and levels of support we offer our members is of significant importance to us and the development of our brand. We truly do place our members at the very centre of our value proposition. It is true to say that not just anyone can become a Member. Our members are all serious about building businesses that are capable of exceptional and sustainable results. Businesses that will work for them, rather then them having to work for the business. 


We are not simply looking for members. We are looking for members who share our core values and also understand and have a desire to contribute positively to our primary operational mission. Alignment to these elements of our business are therefore an essential ‘must have’ component before and during their membership with us. 


Our Operational Mission


Our mission is to provide to our members, using the trilogy of learn, share, develop, unlimited support and advice to enable them to develop exceptional and sustainable results. 


To fulfil this means that we must have a clear and constant desire to help our members and to constantly seek new ways to help educate them and provide assistance in the implementation of that learning into their businesses.


Our Values 


Our published core values are identified by as using the term, working CLEAN where CLEAN stands for Create, Listen, Educate, Attract, Nurture. I want to look at these from the perspective of your own business and what they mean in that context. 


Create - Our Members share with us the desire to create new opportunities, create new ways of learning, create lasting relationships and create a safe environment to encourage business and personal development. 


Listen - Our Members are the eyes and the ears of our leadership team and as such we will be constantly listening to their feedback to help us with our own service and delivery development. This works best when our Membership follow our lead and listen to each other and actively promote the learning experience through content and education. 


Educate -  Although we will always do all we can to advance the knowledge of our members through our content, as well as the application of that knowledge, this is not the only mechanism they have for education. Our Partner Members are also a source of education through their own materials and experience. This knowledge and experience can be shared with our members using the Rainmakers Platform. 


Attract - Our Members and Partner Members are not just extremely valuable assets in the ongoing process of education, business and skills development but also ambassadors for the entire Rainmakers Club offering. The way in which the Members act and communicate internally and externally about the Rainmakers Club is therefore of vital importance. Their efforts should make a positive contribution to attracting new members. 


Nurture - Our own internal engagement processes and procedures play an important part in nurturing our members once they have gone through the formal on-boarding process. Our Partner Members also have a role to play through their content and involvement with the various events they participate in using their expert status.