the business community With Growth in mind!

I tried many business and networking communities, but was always left wanting more. Then I closed my eyes, imagined  the perfect solution...The solution I was looking for as a business owner.

This is what we came up with, For our members...

the ultimate knowledge based networking Group we call it...  

 Purple Pirates Membership

Why this is worth your time?

Join Purple Pirates from the Rainmakers Club now to quench your thirst for success.

Experience monthly networking meetings for valuable connections and expert advice on marketing, sales, and leadership.

Get annual access for just £60 (total value £1,820). Elevate your business today!

But wait, you can have annual access today Plus our special bonus for just...

plus, I am adding a very special offer, exclusive to this page, for those who are not yet members!


* That's access to all the meetings plus the bonus for a year, with a total value of £1,820. 

This is exactly what you will get...

It's so much more than networking, every meeting will include valuable lessons and success hacks.

Every monthly keynote session will come with its own free Framework Fact Sheet on the subject covered so you can refine your knowledge and build a library to reference and remind yourself of some of the important coaching points covered at our monthly meetings.

Each framework will focus one our three core specialist areas of business development, subjects that our Premium, Elite and Inner Circle Members become expert in, namely:

  • Marketing: We focus on the art of creating compelling content to boost sales.
  • Sales: We focus on winning frameworks, Funnel Construction and conversion. 
  • Leadership: Mindset is key, Desire, Focus, Action, Consistency & Belief.

The value of this offer is far in access of the investment required and that is simply the Rainmakers Club way, when you get to know us better, you'll find this is just how we roll!

We pride ourselves on always creating significant value regardless of your level of membership, whichever level you select you will win, it's just a question of how big that win is going to be.

Each meeting will be packed with great business development information and opportunities.

We are confident you'll find this a most useful addition to your networking calendar, more than that you will learn and develop your business skills as a result of regular attendance and the additional advantages the bonus will give you.

We are all about value, and you will immediately see the value in this opportunity.

Join us, join the Purple Pirate Community, the world needs more Purple Pirates!

If you join us using this page you are also going to gain an exclusive bonus offer, only available on this page, before that let me share with you the story of the Purple Pirate... 

The purple Pirate story...

Of course we want you to join us and take advantage of this offer, but you can opt to just join the community in our exclusive Facebook Group. Membership of this group is open to all providing you are willing to agree to our rules of respect and behaviour within the group, you can join using the button below, but before you do make sure you understand what you are turning down by not taking advantage of this offer...

Let's talk price...

If you're only going to attend once in a blue moon, then this offer is not for you. Why, because  you would be better off using the pay as you go version through Eventbrite. This will be more economical if you only attending one or two meetings during the year.

But if you intend to come along to these meetings on a regular basis then take advantage of this exclusive price. £11.98 per month and gain access to this monthly meeting and a whole lot more... 

As a subscriber to this event you will also gain access to the e-books and Business Hack Frameworks that are sent to all regular subscribers. We add to this access to our Business Development Surgeries at no additional cost. That is access to over 60 meetings a year which works out at less than £2.24 per meeting! The PAYG rate is £10 per meeting. 

Take a look at the video below that will explain the format of the meeting and then keep scrolling because I don't want you to leave without first getting a full picture of the special offer that you can only access exclusively on this page...

Here's A briefing on the format of the meetings

But wait....
i want you to take Advantage of this Exclusive bonus offer Too! Only available on this page...

Just to be clear, this is what you get with this offer...

For just £6 per month including tax you're getting access to all our monthly Networking meetings plus:

  • Free Subscription to BizBits: Our business success hacks published each month and...​
  • Free Entry To Business Development Surgery: Our online open mastermind group, discussing business development and more...
  • Free Monthly Frameworks: Each month our Education slot will cover a key business development subject and all members will be sent their copy so they can build their knowledge library...
  • ​7C's Book Discount: Members can claim their additional discount for their signed copy of the book that compliments our core development program called the 7C's Of Why...
  • ​Thirty Days Free Elite Membership: Take advantage of thirty days of Elite membership so you can experience for yourself what being an Elite Member of the Rainmakers Club feels like...
  • ​Not forgetting Elite Member Discount: If after your thirty days you decide to continue your Elite membership, and why wouldn't you, we will offer an additional discount unique to this page only.

Listen to what our members have to say...

1547565239332 jpeg

Danielle Durkan -  Macánta Interiors

Working with Chris has been amazing, the first thing I thought after joining rainmakers was where would I be if I had done this years ago. Working with Chris helps me see things in a different way and helps me realise that the things I have be putting off for years can be done by breaking them up into manageable chunks and that there are ways around most challenges.His honesty is refreshing and motivating. He has a genuinely nice approach and is very generous with his time. Chris has made me hopeful for the future of my business.I would highly recommend working with Chris and joining rainmakers.

1517014919833 jpeg

Nik Aspden - Altitude Select

However good you think support from the right people can be in business you will still be amazed at what Chris has to offer. Chris understands so many business models and exactly how to start, run and market your business including increasing profitability and life values of customers or clients. He can take any business to the next level and working closely with Chris we have seen him take companies above and beyond the owners expectations. He has worked with us for some time and we have experienced growth and direction changes that we never could have envisaged.
A true, honest and sincere expert in the business world.

1553687131940 jpeg

Sharon Wray - Sharon Wray Accountancy Services 

I joined Rainmakers two years ago and I can honestly say it has been a gamechanger for my business. The support and advice from Chris has guided me through the rocky road of being an business owner. I truly believe that the growth and success of my business is down to The Rainmakers Club. The Rainmakers Connect and Mastermind meetings are great, I meet other business owners going through the same trials and tribulations through their business journeys and we support each other. I Really cannot recommend The Rainmakers Club highly enough!!!

What You gain with elite membership Bonus...

Your 30 Days Free Membership Offer will give you a taste of what our exclusive Elite Members gain. You will get unrestricted access to all of our development programs, all of our events, unlimited advice & support and access to a community of like minded business owners on a similar trajectory.

You also gain access to experts within the community on a wide variety of subjects, using our well used trilogy of Learn, Share, Develop. Not to mention access to your personal adviser, who as your Framework guide will offer you mentoring and alternate views to help you every step of the way during the continued development of your business or project.

You are encouraged to follow our Framework, make it your own to help you as you develop your business avoiding the common and some not so common mistakes, so many have made before. You won't need to make the mistakes yourself because you will have your guide by your side, a guide who has already walked the path many times...

The Day The World Changed!

Our founder Chris says, "There is more to our story than first meets the eye. The Frameworks I share have all come directly from experience. I truly believe in the value of small businesses and the people they serve and so it is my mission to help as many of them as I can.

A few years ago it was my turn and my guide changed everything for me, today it is your turn!

Picture the scene, I was being told to stop or I would lose everything. Those closest to me were telling me to get a 'proper job!' Just imagine for a moment what that felt like! 

Let us not dwell on that, turn the clock forward just over three years, and I am sitting looking across my office at thirty five workstations all working away with a shared vision. The result of that activity was over £1.3m in new sales per month in just three years!

The steps I took, with the help of my guide to change my world and the world of those around me, have been documented and now form a series of Frameworks and Development programs.  I am offering you access to all this and more to today...Come and join this game changing community"

what you're getting with this exclusive Network Group offer?


 Access To Our Networking Meetings

£120 (Value)

 Access To Business Development Surgery

£156 (Value)

 BizBitz Subscription

£0.00 (Value)

 Regular e-books 

£360 (Value)

7C's Book Discount 

£35 (Value)

Thirty Days Elite Membership 

£35.98 (Value)

Post Free trial Elite Membership Discount

£108 (Value)

TOTAL  Pay As You Go VALUE: £1,134




Elite Membership Includes...

  • Personal One-to-One Mentoring: Your Inner Circle Bonus includes direct access to personal and regular mentoring from our founder, to help you create the business you've always wanted!
  • Bespoke Mastermind Event Access: When used, I believe this is the single most important aspect of membership. No strings you actually gain unlimited support and advice with your membership on any and all aspects running and building a business. I would say that alone is priceless!

All this is yours for one  payment of just


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