Partner Membership

At the centre of the Rainmakers Club business model is the recruitment and development of high-quality specialists we call Partner Members. These are specialists who have a product or service that has a clear objective of assisting the development of people in business or indeed their businesses.


That said not just anyone can become a Partner Member, that is because these are special people who are willing and able to offer assistance to their fellow members as and when required. People who have a passion for helping others using their own experience and expertise.


What is a Partner Member?


An obvious but nonetheless very important question, if you’re considering joining and making application to become one of our Elite Partner Members.


Being a partner member is an important responsibility as you will be seen as the ‘go-to’ expert in your area of business support and your requested geographic area. As we continue to grow the Rainmakers Club into a vibrant, valued international business community it is vital that we also grow our database of Rainmakers Club experts.


As a Partner Member you will be required to fulfil the basic requirements which are listed below, if you can say yes to all these and the Rainmakers Club sparks your imagination and desire to be part of our expert panel, then we would love to talk to you. Our basic requirements are:


  • You have desirable specialisation?


  • You have relevant and up to date experience?


  • You are an Elite Member?


  • You are willing to be a contributor to our content and events?


  • You are willing to offer members preferential treatment?


  • You are willing to be a brand ambassador?


Specialisation – To be a Partner member you must be providing a specialist service or product that has a direct benefit to the personal or business development of the member. It is also important that this service compliments the Rainmakers business and personal development programs, so that they can become part of the process.


Experience – Our Partner Members must have current and relevant experience in the area that they are Partner Member for. In an ideal world our Partner Members are as passionate as we are about their own continued growth and are therefore constantly looking to improve their own specialist knowledge.


Elite or Inner Circle Membership – To qualify as a partner member you would need to be an Elite or Inner Circle member to ensure that you have full access to all the features, events required to fulfil the role.


Content Contributions – As a Partner Members you will be able to contribute to the content of the site, including the ‘Quick Advice’ system, the resources and the mastermind events. This not only helps to demonstrate expertise and create new learning opportunities for other members, it also gives the Partner Member more visibility and therefore more opportunity.


Preferential treatment for members – Our Partner Members are also asked to give an advantage to our other members in the form of preferential treatment when it comes to their products and or services. This can be in any form that is going to illustrate practically the preference shown to fellow members. Most popular methods include discounts not normally available and extended free periods too.


Brand Ambassador – Our Partner Members are also our brand ambassadors and are open to all opportunities to refer new members to the community, which in turn creates even more opportunities for all. Partner Members are also willing and able to promote the brand to the outside world to help spread the word and build our international community of business owners and entreprenuers.