The Rainmakers Club Privacy Policy

This privacy statement will explain how The Rainmakers Club Ltd (Rainmakers Club / Rainmakers Hub) processes and deals with all personal data to fulfil its data protection responsibilities.

This statement should also be read in conjunction with our customer charter and when needed, will be subject to change and amendment to maintain our compliance with the regulations of the day.

We also offer some brief definitions of data protection, personal data at the end of this statement.

This statement covers all activities by the Rainmakers Club and its other trading style Rainmakers Hub. Our Role in data protection terms is the data controller and we determine the purpose and use of personal data collected during the process of running our business and looking after the interests of our members within the scope of their membership with us.

Once we have received data it becomes our responsibility to ensure that it is processed in accordance with the latest UK and EU data protection legislation.

If you have any concerns we can be contacted by email using or by writing to the UK office at 37 Waters Lane Hemsby Norfolk NR29 4NH.

The data processed by us will include, basic contact information for the purposes of networking, business and personal development, preparing advice and dealing with support to the individual based on their requirements. Data is also used for setting up invoices, Banking and for paying creditors.

Rainmakers Club’s duty of confidentiality requires that we treat all client and employee data with due respect and in the strictest confidence. Information is only used internally on a ‘need to know’ basis and is not disclosed to third parties without the express permission unless to withhold such data would be deemed to be against the law. We use all reasonable measures to ensure personal data is kept secure at all times.

We expect the same duty of confidentiality from any third parties we have the express permission from the owner to share specific data with. This will include other advisers and Partner Members offering specific support where to do so requires the sharing, with permission of certain items of personal data. Sharing will only take place where deemed by Rainmakers Club and the owner as appropriate, and then in the strictest of confidence.

The Rainmakers Club  processes personal data in a lawful manner at all times, when we are:

  • To respond to members requests for advice or support
  • To comply with our legal obligations
  • When the performance of our duties requires it
  • When acting on your behalf with your approval and consent to use the data in that manner

In all cases the processing of personal data by Rainmakers Club will be:

  • Processed within the law, evenhandedly and with transparency
  • Only collected and retained for specified and fully defined purposes
  • We will make every effort to make the collation and dissemination of data accurate and, up to date
  • All data will only be retained for as long as it is needed for the purposes of service delivery and financial control
  • Processed with security as the main agenda item

Rainmakers Club will only share personal data, when absolutely necessary, and required by law:

  • Members of the legal profession working on the client’s behalf or on our own behalf to help resolve an ongoing dispute that cannot be resolved internally
  • The Inland Revenue (HMRC);
  • Partner Members, but only on a strict need to know basis with the permission of the member in question
  • Our accountants in their duties to Companies House

Rainmakers Club may process your data in different places but mainly in the UK and the USA using reputable web-based providers. Data is kept secure and will be retained for the purpose of protection only. Individials have the right to request sight of the data we hold on them at any time.