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What You're Getting When You Join Us... 

Keep scrolling to find out just how much you can get for just £12 per month. Value like this is rare but mark my words one day all business support and advice will work this way. Unlimited Support, Advice and Mentoring without breaking the bank, just part of our (R)Evolution...

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New e-Book each month

Once you sign up tom Purple Pirate Media, from the Rainmakers Club, you'll receive a new e-Book each month, covering one of our core subjects. So you can refine your knowledge in subjects related to Marketing, Sales, Sales Funnels, their design and construction, business and personal development.  

​As we release each new bundle we will also place a copy on your private members area so that during your membership you can build a comprehensive library that you can visit and review as often as you need to while you build the business of your dreams...Your monthly bundle also includes the following...

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e-Book Audio File

We all know that there are significant learning benefits gained from reading but sometimes listening to the audio version is preferable. With that in mind as part of your monthly media bundle we will also send you the audio version for the e-Book

​Perfect for listening to in the car or on the train, or while you're relaxing during a coffee break. 

​Don't worry if you mislay the link to the file, we will also send a copy to your private members area and no matter how many times you listen to it, you'll always know where to find it.

​Perhaps the best way to learn is to use a combination of reading and listening. But we don't stop there...

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e-Book Video

Watching a video can also be a great way to take in the information, with the video version you have the added advantage of being able to view the illustrations and diagrams that are part of the learning experience.

​The videos are often split into episodes to make navigation easier, in case you want to skip sections or jump around to suit your needs of the day. 

​As with the e-Books and Audio files the Videos will also be uploaded to your private members area so that you can revisit the content at anytime. 

​With the full range of files contained in each bundle we are catering for all tastes and learning styles. 

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e-Book Work Sheets

For some reading, listening or watching the content of the monthly Bundles will be enough. But for others, they will want to really challenge the status quo in their business.

These work sheets will take the principles covered in each bundle and get you to really consider the key points in relation to your business.

​Consider the questions being raised and then construct your answers to help you with your thoughts, plans and actions for the future. 

​You also have the choice to share your work with your mentor for further support, comment and candid opinion. 

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Unlimited Support & Advice 

Sending you these bundles each month is one thing but we also understand the need to help further by being your trusted guide and accountability partner.

The world is filled with people with good intentions but too few who actually put the effort in. Sometimes this is because the methods and costs of gaining support are too complex or too highly priced.

​We are determined to break the mould and start our own (R)Evolution part of this is the supply to our Purple Pirate Media subscribers of Unlimited support and advice in all the areas we cover in our Purple Pirate Media Bundles. This is one of the characteristics that makes us unique and a vanguard for a new generation of suppliers.

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Groups & Events 

Lessons, new ideas, innovations and more in depth learning are all facilitated by the habit of sharing ideas, open discussions and listening to the views of others based on experience and lessons learnt. 

​So the final component to this unique offering from Purple Pirate Media is our regular online events. These compliment the various Bundles and also give you the opportunity to network with like minded people in business and to engage in our favourite activity of Learn - share - Develop. 

​These regular Zoom events are a combination of networking and Mastermind and give your the opportunity to form stronger relationships as well as enhance your learning, share your own experience, pick up new innovative ideas and help others on a similar trajectory as you.

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