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"It was clear to me something had to change, it was time to create a (R)Evolution & give Start-up, Micro and Small Businesses the support they both needed and deserved without breaking the bank! "

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But First Let's talk price...

 With A.I. and other technological advancements, the world of business is moving at pace. As a rule the same is not true for the world of small business support and advice and we are actively doing something about that.

The days when you are asked to pay hundreds or even thousands for advice and support should already be in the past, its just that the message is not getting out to you fast enough and that the traditional providers are onto a good thing charging you in that way!

At the Rainmakers Club we are actively challenging the status quo and seeking to changing the marketplace, for the advantage of the underserved small business community. My hope is you will join us and help with these much needed changes and at the same time get some great quality advice and support!

We have multiple levels of membership to suit individual needs and desires. At the core of our membership is the promise of Unlimited Support & Advice. Let me say that again, unlimited support and advice. No tricks. No small print. No additional purchase! 

You can take advantage of membership from as little as £11.98 per month with no minimum term! But here, on this page, we are going to focus on the most popular version of our membership, we call it Elite Membership and it can be yours for just £35.99 per month. 

That's it, that simple monthly membership contribution, will give you access to unlimited support and advice, development programs, mastermind groups, events, mentoring and coaching, your own personal guide to the business you truly desire. One that can work for you, rather than you working for it. One that is capable of creating Exceptional and Sustainable results. 

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Let's Talk About ELite Membership

The video will give you a feel for the objectives behind Elite Membership. But I want you to know, there is so much more to membership than is first apparent and so here are the highlights of membership. Once you have read them I want you to also check out the exclusive FREE bonus I am including to make this an even more valuable opportunity for you. But make no mistake this bonus is exclusive to this page only...

Events & Networking 

As an Elite member, you only pay your membership of £35.99 per month and all of the events and networking meetings are thrown in at no extra cost. You can book into as many of the meetings and events as you want to. This helps with your learning but also raising your profile, giving you the opportunity to build enduring relationships and create new business opportunities. 

Community Platform

As well as the arranged meetings and networking events you also have full access to the Rainmakers Hub, where you will be able to connect with other members, start private or group conversations and learn from others, share your own unique experience and promote lasting and valued business relationships, with your fellow members at all levels.

Unlimited support & advice

I personally think this is the most important feature, which has been inspired by unrealistic cost of quality support and advice for the underserved small business sector. Within the sector are the superstars of tomorrow. We all need support and advice and this feature makes sure you get just that without creating financial stress. 

The support and advice is delivered using a range of mechanisms to suit each individuals needs. 

Development Programs

Elite members also get full access to our flagship development programs, the 7C's, looking at the critical elements required to build a successful and enduring business, and the Funnel Mastery program, teaching you everything you need to know about sales funnels in a digital world. You also gain access to the full range of current and future development programs to help you increase your knowledge or maybe remind you of some of those skills that fall by the wayside during your march toward success. 

Mastermind groups

Elite members gain access to all our metermind groups that allow you to have meaningful and focussed sessions to discuss and innovate on a range of relevant subjects to help you create a business capable of producing exceptional and sustainable results. You can not only attend masterminds, including our weekly Business Development Surgery, but you can also launch your own mastermind group on the Rainmakers Hub platform.

Specialist Groups

In addition to the mastermind groups Elite members can also join or even start their own specialist subject groups, where the  Rainmakers Club trilogy of Learn, Share and Develop can be seen in full swing. These groups give you the opportunity to learn as well as demonstrate your own expertise and unique experiences.

But wait....

I want you to take advantage of this exclusive free bonus offer too, only available on this page. Just to be clear, this is what you get with this offer...

After you've completed your thirty day free period, for just £35.99 per month including tax I am going to give you access to our Inner Circle Membership benefits, you'll be a full Inner Circle member, Usually £60 pm for the cost of Elite Membership. 

  • Benefit One: Your Unlimited Support & Advice will be delivered personally by the founder, and if you choose this can be done on Zoom calls to add value to the process. 
  • Benefit Two: To supplement the provision of Unlimited Support & Advice we will also give you access to personal mentoring from the founder, with no time limits.
  • Benefit Three: If you decide to undertake either of the Flagship development programs these will be delivered personally by the founder, who will also work with you as your accountability partner, this includes the 7C's Program, The Funnel Mastery Program and the Ultimate Success Framework.

Listen to what our members have to say...

1547565239332 jpeg

Danielle Durkan -  Macánta Interiors

Working with Chris has been amazing, the first thing I thought after joining rainmakers was where would I be if I had done this years ago. Working with Chris helps me see things in a different way and helps me realise that the things I have be putting off for years can be done by breaking them up into manageable chunks and that there are ways around most challenges.His honesty is refreshing and motivating. He has a genuinely nice approach and is very generous with his time. Chris has made me hopeful for the future of my business.I would highly recommend working with Chris and joining rainmakers.

1517014919833 jpeg

Nik Aspden - Altitude Select

However good you think support from the right people can be in business you will still be amazed at what Chris has to offer. Chris understands so many business models and exactly how to start, run and market your business including increasing profitability and life values of customers or clients. He can take any business to the next level and working closely with Chris we have seen him take companies above and beyond the owners expectations. He has worked with us for some time and we have experienced growth and direction changes that we never could have envisaged.
A true, honest and sincere expert in the business world.

1553687131940 jpeg

Sharon Wray - Sharon Wray Accountancy Services 

I joined Rainmakers two years ago and I can honestly say it has been a gamechanger for my business. The support and advice from Chris has guided me through the rocky road of being an business owner. I truly believe that the growth and success of my business is down to The Rainmakers Club. The Rainmakers Connect and Mastermind meetings are great, I meet other business owners going through the same trials and tribulations through their business journeys and we support each other. I Really cannot recommend The Rainmakers Club highly enough!!!

The day the world changed...

Our founder Chris says...

"There is more to our story than first meets the eye. The Frameworks that make up the core of our offering come directly from the experiences gained through learning and earning.

I truly believe in the value of small businesses and the difference they can make to the individual and the communities they serve. I have made it my mission to help as many of them as I can to become successful.

A few years ago II was on the other side of the fence, it was my turn to be assisted, and my guide changed everything for me, today it is your turn, if you will let me be your guide!

I can still remember the day everything for me changed...

Picture the scene, I was being told to stop or you will lose everything. Those closest to me were telling me to get a 'proper job!' Just imagine for a moment what that felt like! 

Let us not dwell on that, turn the clock forward just over three years, and I am sitting looking across my office at thirty five workstations all working away with a shared vision. The result of that activity was over £1.3m in new sales per month in just three years!

The steps I took, with the help of my guide to change my world and the world of those around me, have been documented and now form a series of Frameworks and Development programs.  I am offering you access to all this and more, today...Come and join this game changing community."

what you're getting with this exclusive FREE Bonus offer?


 Access To Our Networking Meetings

£120 (Value)

 Access To Business Development Surgery

£156 (Value)

 BizBitz Subscription

£0.00 (Value)

 Regular e-books 

£360 (Value)

7C's Book Discount 

£35 (Value)

Elite Membership 

£432 (Value)

Inner Circle Membership Features 

£720 (Value)

TOTAL  Pay As You Go VALUE: £1,1493

Member Cost NORMALLY £60.00



Elite Membership Includes...

  • Personal One-to-One Mentoring: Your Inner Circle Bonus includes direct access to personal and regular mentoring from our founder, to help you create the business you've always wanted!
  • Bespoke Mastermind Event Access: When used, I believe this is the single most important aspect of membership. No strings you actually gain unlimited support and advice with your membership on any and all aspects running and building a business. I would say that alone is priceless!

All this is yours for a monthly membership of just


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