We understand there is significant power in Sharing your knowledge with others. That is why we use the trilogy of Learn Share and Develop at the very epicentre of our business. Building a community of likeminded business owners who all believe in the power of these three activities, learning, sharing and in so doing developing yourself and others in the Rainmakers Community.


There is no doubt in our mind that everyone needs support, advice and alternate views to really promote innovation, creative thinking in business. This gives you the alternative views to consider so that your decision making is based on a variety of potential futures, and therefore more fully informed.  


Everyone who needs support and advice from time to time also has their own backstory filled with lessons learnt and experience that has value to others, so while you learn you can share, and the end result is everyone develops. 


We take this concept of sharing to the next level with our members, we do this in a number of ways, which include the following:

  • Events
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Social Media Groups
  • Our Partner Member Program
  • Members Directory


Events – Our events are a mixture of educational and online networking and are free to all members. In most cases we run an event of some description each week, the most popular of which include the following formats:


Speed Networking - This international event is open to members and non-members alike, this quick-fire networking format is a great way to extend your reach and create new opportunities.

Traditional networking – Our traditional networking meeting is international and open to all. The priority here is to make new connections and to build on existing relationships’ that will lead to new business opportunities.

Business Development Surgeries – These events are for members only and gives our members the chance to ask questions to the room on a variety of business and personal development subjects. The answers come from both the leadership team of the Rainmakers Club but also from the experience and ideas of all participants.

Food for thought – Open to members and specifically invited guests of members this event will look at a different subject for each occurrence and challenge the participants to think about and discuss the chosen subject to help broaden their knowledge and application of the subject in their own businesses.

Rainmakers Connect – Open to members and specifically invited guests of members this event is a hybrid, part education and part networking. At each event we have two guest speakers and plenty of opportunities for networking too. This event is the perfect showcase to the Rainmakers Club.

Mastermind Groups – Our mastermind group meetings are for our Elite and Inner Circle members only and will vary from event to event in subject matter. This is a chance for a peer to peer open and valuable conversation on a subject related to business and or personal development. Each participant is encouraged to contribute with innovative and creative ideas. Each conversation continues online on the Members Hub where more views documents and images can be shared.


Mastermind Groups - Because we run our mastermind groups as an event and also on the platform, we felt we should tell you a little more about the platform side of masterminds. The mastermind event and the various groups on the platform are restricted to our Elite and Inner Circle members only. Each time we hold an event online we follow this up by creating a mastermind group on the platform so that those who attended can continue the conversation on the platform at their leisure. This is a great way to Learn, share and Develop enduring relationships with your international Rainmakers Club community.  If you did not get a chance to join the event you can still request an invite to the online discussions if you are an Elite or Inner Circle member.


Social Media - We encourage our members and for that matter anyone who is interested in business and increasing their visibility, their network of connections and take advantage of any business opportunities to join our social media groups on Facebook and LinkedIn for a more casual approach to conversations and networking.


Partner Member Program – The final and some might say the most important element on our share part of the Rainmakers trilogy is our Partner Member Program. Our partner members are Elite or Inner Circle members who have a specialisation that they are willing to share with the community and we feel is right for the themes of business and personal development of our members. Our Partner Members become the go-to experts. Partner Membership is by invitation only and if you feel you would like to be a Partner Member, to find out more please do reach out as talk to us.


Member Directory – Our member directory has two functions and is worth the VIP membership just for this facility! this is where you upload your profile, personal and business information and your URL. This means that members can find you and search for your services and so is a vital component of your membership. But that’s not all we also open the directory up to the outside world. In that way anyone who is searching can find your profile and visit a landing page of your choice. Our member directory will create new connections and business opportunities.